August 21, 2012


3 types of video that contribute to employee engagement

By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

The technology that makes smooth video content delivery possible is critical to the success of any video program, especially one focused on employee engagement. However, you also have to make sure you are supporting the right types of video if you want to use the content to foster productivity and operational efficiency by engaging your workforce. There are a few types of video content that are especially beneficial if you want to connect employees to the work they will be doing on an everyday basis.

Messages from executives

Having a clear divide between executives and everybody else in a company can undermine employees’ efforts to operate more efficiently and productively. Essentially, you can’t expect workers to give their all for a company when they are under the impression that their business leaders care about nothing more than making as much money as possible, while employees are a secondary concern. This is not an entirely uncommon perception in the enterprise, and plans to engage workers often have to begin by convincing them that the executives care about helping the company grow in a positive way and value workers as a key component of this process.

By using messages from executives as part of your enterprise video program, you can help break down the barriers that often exist between corporate leaders and the rest of the workforce. If employees recognize that their leaders truly value their work, something video messages can help accomplish, the potential for engagement rises considerably.

Training modules

Many workers are motivated by prizes, bonuses and similar tangible benefits, but some are also pushed to be better when they are given an opportunity to be their best. These individuals generally get the most done when they are empowered with the freedom to do their job better instead of limited to following specific processes that can become a burden instead of an enabler.

However, using a management scheme that focuses on empowering employees as part of an engagement plan depends on two things – giving them the operational freedom they need and equipping them with the skills and training necessary to take advantage of this freedom. Video streaming services and on-demand content can both be used to provide the vital training needed to help employees grow into the freedom they are given as part of an empowerment strategy.

User-generated content

The enterprise is going social and viral videos are a big part of that movement. Getting content to go viral in a business setting can be incredibly difficult, because most employees are used to either watching video or reading blog entries because they are mandatory or treating corporate social systems as important only if the content happens to align with their daily work routine. This environment is not generally conducive to social video sharing and the viral spread of information.

If you can get your employees to create their own videos detailing how they get the job done, field work or any other business-related content they think others will find interesting, the potential for the viral spread of information is significant. Such plans can fuel employee engagement in a powerful way.

Using video for employee engagement depends on getting a few things right. These include the technological foundation that content is built upon and getting users to embrace videos. However, using the right types of content is possibly even more important to finding a way to use the content as an engagement tool.