August 12, 2015


3 reasons to use video in your town hall meetings

If you want to increase employee engagement at your organization, you should hold regular town hall meetings and encourage a two-way dialogue with your employees. If you know someone who raves about their company’s progressive corporate culture, town hall meetings are probably a staple at that organization. The reason that company-wide meetings are so effective at increasing employee engagement is because, for many employees, these events represent a unique opportunity to be heard. When people are valued for their opinion as well as their professional contribution, they are empowered to do better. By simply allowing your workforce to have a voice, you can increase productivity and ultimately, profitability at your organization.

However, in today’s diverse and fragmented business environment, there are departments, schedules, geographies and time zones to take into account. It is no easy task scheduling a time for everyone to meet and talk. This is where enterprise video solutions can make things better. Here are three reasons why using video to host or augment your town hall meetings is a good idea:

“Holding regular town hall meetings promotes trust and loyalty in a workforce.”

1. You will increase employee engagement
Holding regular town hall meetings promotes trust and loyalty in a workforce. If you want to increase employee engagement, you should schedule meetings once a month so that everyone at your company can meet face to face. The more people attend, the more successful your effort will be. Obviously, not all employees can make it every time, but by using video, you can increase those attendance significantly. For workers that work from home, in foreign offices, or have other obligations, allowing them to tune in via video can be the difference between attendance and missing out entirely. Inc. Magazine explained that regular town hall meetings create a sense of cohesion and alignment throughout the entire organization. When workers feel like they belong, they perform better. Use video to make the most out of this management approach and allow your new culture to permeate every corner of your organization.

2. You can flexible in your approach
Just because you hold regular town hall meetings doesn’t mean that you are progressive overnight. If the meeting is going to consist of one person lecturing for an hour, just have that lecture recorded and disseminated. However, if you plan on using the hour to encourage dialogue and company-wide participation, then you are on the right track. There are many approaches to hosting effective town hall meetings. You can give each one a theme and discuss topics like culture, clients, expectations, industry-specific news or anything else that you like. The town hall meeting can be held during lunch time and center around sharing a meal. Just because certain employees can’t physically be in the office doesn’t mean they can’t participate. Tuning in to the video broadcast, employees can still take part in the event, and the result will be the same. The Culture Corner pointed out that a great way to make your town hall meeting more engaging is to use pictures and videos to capture the attention of the audience. With your entire workforce present, your presentation ought to be colorful and visual. Using this approach, you can establish yourself as a progressive company with your employees and foster a greater sense unity at your organization.

Use video to ensure all employees attend town hall meetings. Make your town hall meetings better with video solutions.

3. You will get important feedback from your employees
Town hall meetings are not lectures. You should encourage participation from all your employees. After all, they are the ones doing the day-to-day work – they deserve to be heard. What’s more, they are likely to have valuable insights that can improve the performance of your organization. For example, by listening to your client relationship managers, you may learn that all your clients experience the same service issue. When learning something like that, you will be able to effect change quickly because you have your entire company present. After a while, those individuals that are reticent to speak up will warm up to the idea of sharing their views. And because you’re using video to make sure that all your employees attend, whether remotely or in person, the messages you communicate can have an immediate and lasting effect on your organization.

Ultimately, this is just one of many ways that enterprise video solutions can help you manage your company better. Using video for town hall meetings is just scratching the surface. There are countless other uses for video, like sharing progress reports and evaluations, as well as for recruiting and hiring purposes. Incorporate more video into your company culture, and before you know it, your co-workers will be telling their friends about the progressive organization they work for too.