February 28, 2013


3 reasons to support mobile video streaming

By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

Businesses are investing in enterprise video platforms with increasing frequency, and many are finding that it is critical to find solutions that support mobile streaming. The rise of mobile devices within the workplace is driving companies to find ways to support the use of smartphones and tablets for more purposes everyday. Enterprise video streaming is just one of many potential uses.

As demand for mobile support and video usage increases, businesses need to understand why the integration of both trends is so important. Each trend provides a variety of benefits on its own, but the combination of them enhances enterprise operations even further.

Productivity advantages
Mobile trends help employees work faster and harder, and video streamlines content delivery and training. When combined, workers can view training videos, meeting recording and more on their commute, from home or on a coffee break. This helps workers be more productive and allows them to view content during their breaks more effectively. Rather than being tethered to their desk, an employee can catch up on the latest company video content on a coffee break, letting them do real work when sitting at their desktops.

Mobile trends help professionals manage tasks and workflow more efficiently, and by integrating video content delivery with mobile usage a business will help employees multitask more effectively. With video content access via mobile devices, professionals will be able to load content on their tablets while working on their PCs. Ultimately, this will help streamline workflow and let workers accomplish tasks at a much faster pace.

The biggest reason to integrate mobile and video usage in the workplace is the high demand for mobile video streaming. According to a recent study by Rovi, more people are streaming video on their mobile devices than ever before. About 66 percent of tablet owners view content two to three times a week, while nearly 50 percent of people prefer to view live content on their mobile device. Being aware of mobile viewing trends will help businesses recognize the demand for this type of support and understand the potential that it unlocks. Rather than limiting employees to viewing enterprise video content on their office computer, it can be made portable. This will make employees more likely to view content and pay more attention to it.