August 3, 2012


3 P’s for video success: Preparation, patience and personality

By Kevin Crayton – VP of Product Management

Developing an enterprise video program can deliver a considerable tangible and intangible return on investment for businesses. However, getting to that end goal can prove challenging if organizations are not able to deal with the intricate blend of technology and policies that have to come together within a video solution. To do this, one must focus on the three P’s for video success: preparation, patience and personality.


You have to prepare for video if you want to have success. This involves both technical and operational levels of procedures.

On the IT side of things, you have to evaluate how much bandwidth you have available, how it used, how it will be affected by larger data packets and if adding video will create any problems. If necessary, the network needs to be upgraded before implementing the solution, as poor performance can derail the process before it even gets going.

From an operational standpoint, you have to market the video solution and generate excitement about the process. This can help ensure more employees watch content out of choice, not out of obligation, and help fuel interest in user-generated films as well.


Once the video plan has taken off, you can’t expect it to immediately become a culture-changing solution. It takes time, ongoing internal marketing efforts and a genuine focus on getting people to use video when possible to make the program truly last. Video can be easier to use than other forms of media, but many people will resist changing from other ways of handling collaboration, training and inter-office relationships. Push video effectively to get these people to change and, over time, you can develop a culture that fosters video use.


There have to be policies in place to ensure everybody keeps things professional when posting videos on the corporate platform, but that does not mean that you want stifle the unique and vibrant personalities within the office space. Video can empower your workers by giving them a chance to express themselves within the enterprise setting. Injecting content with a bit of personality is key to achieving this level of engagement.

Finding success with video can bring about major revenue gains, but getting there often involves improvements to a business’ culture. With the right combination of preparation, patience and personality, you can make the most of what video has to offer and gain a great deal from the technology.