February 21, 2013


3 key benefits of live webcasting

By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

Video webcasting is becoming a more important aspect of business operations for a variety of reasons. A growing business often needs a solution to streamline content delivery, while more established enterprises look for new and innovative ways to enhance overall operations and workflow. However, it is important to invest in a high-quality solution that improves the viewing experiences, not one that simply makes video available to employees.

Kontiki Life Webcasting provides a seamless, high end video solution that integrates with networks and various partners to delivery the best possible video experiences for both companies and their employees. By understanding the benefits that webcasting has to offer, a business will better understand why it needs Kontiki.

Webcasting provides an interactive experience that is like no other video solution. For employee engagement through solutions like live Q&A, polling and more, there is no better answer. By integrating interactive webcasting with workflow, a company can greatly increase employee satisfaction and ensure that video has broad appeal. Over time, this interactivity will help to improve overall video use as well, by providing feedback on things to improve or models that are less effective.

Video webcasting solutions are incredible scalable. Self-scaling solutions will adapt to network needs and improve playback and bandwidth usage without the need for additional hardware or upgrades, helping a business maintain the quality of its network and ensure smooth workflow whether employees are streaming video or not. This is quite important as video usage can be severely taxing on an enterprise network without the right approach, slowing down non-video applications and reducing the overall quality of playback.

Uninterrupted playback
Any individual with experience streaming movies, television shows or YouTube videos will know that playback can sometimes be interrupted due to high network traffic. Video may need to buffer, or jitter can occur due to an unstable connection. However, Kontiki’s live webcasting solutions eliminate these dangers and ensure uninterrupted streaming for professionals. In quantifiable terms, this will make video take up less time during an employee’s day and ensure high-quality playback at all times. It also offers less noticeable advantages, such as enhancing the employee’s experiences with viewing and helping him or her absorb the information better.

These are just a few of the benefits offered by live webcasting. A business in any industry can find plenty of value in an enterprise video platform, and adopt a solution to enhance workflow and efficiency overall.