February 19, 2013


3 helpful live webcasting tips

Live webcasting is rapidly becoming a crucial tool for every business. As the number of remote workers continues to grow, managers must implement communication solutions to ensure that their teams are operating on the same page. Video is extremely beneficial because it allows companies to recreate traditional in-person meetings with far-flung employees. Business presenters must make adequate preparations to avoid potential hiccups during their webcasts. Enterprise video solutions are only beneficial for speakers who are adept at using the software. 

Consider the following tips so that your next webcast can be the most successful yet. 

Check your internet speeds
Videos are large files that require ample bandwidth in order to be shared online. Without a strong connection, the multimedia content is prone to delays because the server constantly needs to buffer. A weak signal can lead to a disaster during a live webcast – audience members can miss key information if the stream struggles to upload while presenters continue speaking. 

Site Pro News writes that businesses should check their upload speeds before their webcasts. In many cases, download speeds are much faster than their counterparts, so all parties involved must ensure that they can stream a live video without constant interruptions caused by service issues. 

Make the presentation interactive
Webcasts are supposed to resemble in-person conferences, which means that presenters should actively engage their audiences. Interactive content keeps participants more interested in the discussions than if they were watching a long lecture without any breaks. Uninteresting webcasts waste valuable time, and it is the speaker's responsibility to ensure that employees are paying attention. 

Streaming Media writes that basic tools like slides and surveys promote active engagement. Managers can create interactive content and share it with audience members to create attention-grabbing webcasts. Additionally, question and answer sessions allow participants to clear up any confusing topics before presenters move on to new discussion points. 

A live webcast can have a lasting impact on a business. Managers should seek feedback from their employees to discover what methods were effective and what areas require improvement. Honest praise and criticism helps businesses develop more successful webcasts in the future. 

Additionally, many video platforms have analytics tools that allow speakers to gauge the success of their digital conferences. For instance, some applications feature a timer that shows presenters how long participants viewed the webcast to ensure that employees paid attention to the entire discussion and did not log out early.