August 17, 2012


3 creative ways to use video for employee engagement

By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

There are plenty of ways to take an enterprise video solution and use it as part of a broad employee engagement strategy. In this way, the technology enables improved productivity and creates a happier workforce, contributing to better employee retention and recruitment.

Standard ways to deploy video for employee engagement, such as focusing on user-generated content, can help companies achieve their worker-related goals with video. But there are also a few more creative ways to use video to draw employees into their work.


A little friendly competition can go a long way within the office. User-generated content can draw workers into the video process, engage them in what other departments are doing and help them see the full scope of corporate operations. But you have to find a way to get individuals interested in creating their own videos to achieve those goals. Having contests that encourage workers to generate content and reach for certain quality goals can provide the catalyst needed to get individuals to embrace video plans.

Special events

One of the best ways to use video is to live stream meetings and similar events so more employees can get involved with them. Companies can do this for traditional uses, such as town hall meetings, or they can use it creatively to keep workers connected to what is going on in the company. Holding special events that connect employees to aspects of the organization that they would otherwise not play a role in can help individuals see how the work they do matters on a broader scale, making them more interested in their day-to-day efforts.

Connecting remote employees

In many cases, remote workers function as a kind of separate part of the company, performing key tasks but not really connecting to the core corporate culture. In some cases, this can limit their engagement. Using video to connect remote employees to everyday activities in the office can help engage these individuals and lead to considerable productivity gains.

Employee engagement is an increasingly important part of enterprise operations. At a time when many workers are struggling to keep up with changing market conditions and respond to economic challenges, getting the most out of each employee, without burning him or her out, is essential to sustainable growth. Using video in both conventional and unconventional ways can play a critical role in supporting ongoing business operations.