August 25, 2014


3 big reasons why your business needs video communication

Creating a positive, provocative and compelling video for business requires being in touch with the audiences that are meant to view the content. On top of that, organizations should be mindful of the ways in which this information will be delivered. Even a small flaw in these strategic overlays could cause issues that displace the overall profitability and usability of enterprise options.

The answer to such issues is enterprise video communications. These assets provide a flexible, intuitive, personal and popular method of differing critical insights to target audiences. Here’s how each of these aspects helps video for business flourish.

It’s personal
How are you supposed to make a personal connection when you can’t see another person’s face? Voice can only do so much, and written content is even worse in terms of making a connection. So what do businesses do when they want to really reinforce the relationships they have with both shoppers and employees alike?

Video communication provides the visual, auditory and personal link that organizations need in order to attract, engage and retain these target audiences. The best way to think about it Business Insider stated, is the same way in which people view selfies. They’re an image of what consumers value, not just in themselves, but in the moments, experiences and possessions that matter to them.

Tapping into that powerful sense of self allows organizations to make targeted recordings that really connect with key viewership both within and outside the corporate environment. If the plan is to link to people in a way that keeps them coming back, the selfie landscape is the key.

The source noted that there’s also a secondary effect taking place in the video for business landscape around this personalization wave – hijacked and homemade enterprise streaming media. Some of the elements involved include:

  • Personal feedback
  • Humorous or straightforward content
  • Greater sense of honesty and humanity

The bottom line is, people put a lot of value into things that have meaning and resonate with them. It’s important that organizations use enterprise video solutions to grab that market segment as well.

It’s flexible
As The Guardian put it, do you think your audience would rather read your content or watch it? On top of that, do they want to see it on their computers, their smartphones, their tablets or their other personal devices? Or what about all of the above devices? And even further, when and where do they want to see these messages?

The answer to these questions should be all of them and in video for business, because recorded content can be put to more emotional effect and in every environment a company prepares for. As the enterprise content creation, management and sharing landscape continues to move forward, recorded records are getting far more attention from consumer and corporate groups, making it a safe bet that enterprise streaming media is likely to be a driving factor in future financial success.

The Guardian added that much of this surety, if corporations are still doubting the power of video communication, comes from a variety of different enterprise studies. One such recent research analysis from Nielsen showed that almost two-thirds of marketing corporations want to not only try their hands at video for business, they want to work hard to dominate this field.

There’s no match in terms of reach and recognition when it comes to video for business. This resource is able to reach personnel in the office or working remotely, through traditional hardware or via new-age enterprise video platforms and apps. The availability of information makes it easy to connect more readily with consumers, while real-time data contribution makes it simple to learn whether marketing launches and educational tools are working.

If they aren’t the always-on nature of video for business, combined with mobile and cloud environments, makes it ideal for constantly shifting updates to enterprise deployments and marketing deployments.

It’s popular
The qualities of enterprise video solutions that make it flexible and personal are ideally positioned to making corporate recordings friendly, accessible and desirable to target audiences. Whether these groups are within the corporation or outside in the general public, video for business helps corporations drive toward optimal marketing and operational options.

Aimoto reported that more than 95 percent of people make their decisions about where to shop while they’re online, and video for business can have a huge impact on explaining products and services in a more compelling way. What’s more, the impact of recordings on sales and internal audiences is extreme, with about two-thirds of influences coming from this content.

This intuitive, user-friendly and operationally driven solution allows organizations to increase their public presence and internal success. The end result is a more popular, flexible and personalized enterprise experience through video for business.