May 21, 2013


3 benefits of video webcasting

By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

Firms looking to enhance workflow have several ways to accomplish this feat. From introducing mobile devices in the workplace to adopting cloud solutions, the opportunities to cut costs and improve overall operations are endless. However, in the modern workplace, there is one particular trend that stands out in importance today – video webcasting. Businesses adopting webcasting solutions will need to invest in the right enterprise video platform in order to support the various uses and demands of video on an enterprise network, and harness the varied benefits that webcasting can provide.

Cost reduction
A primary benefit that businesses gain with enterprise video solutions is a reduction of overall IT costs. Video is a more efficient solution for meeting replacement, remote working and general communications, which allows a firm to consolidate these processes into one solution that maximizes their efficiency while cutting maintenance, upgrade and operational costs.

Video is the ultimate tool for portability and mobile use. An employee can download video to his or her mobile device and watch it at home, during the daily commute or on a lunch break. This eliminates scheduling conflicts while enabling new uses for mobility in the workplace. For many professionals, video will help bring mobile devices into the workplace – the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend – in a more productive and efficient manner.

Businesses are also able to enhance collaborative efforts with enterprise webcasting. Employees will be able to use video to reach anyone, share information visually and do so in real-time, rather than relying on email attachment or physically sending documents to multiple coworkers when collaborating on projects. Additionally, video is helpful in getting professionals up to speed on new projects and for keeping comprehensive visual records of workflow and operations.

Video is one of the fastest growing business solutions used today for myriad needs and investing in live webcasting solutions and the supporting infrastructure sooner rather than later will give businesses the push they need to meet the competition head on. Firms will improve profits, increase engagement and shrink overhead operational costs for years to come. Rather than struggling with communications and interoffice video, invest in the tools that will expedite it and make sure everyone is working as efficiently as possible.