A true end to end video platform that ensures employees are engaged and aligned

CEO Live Broadcast

Your CEO delivers a critical message to a small audience in the room and live on camera.

80 Viewers Engaged

  • Kontiki

    Kontiki EVP Cloud

    Video is sent to the cloud for broadcast

  • Kontiki


    Video standardized to work on all devices

  • Kontiki


    Video is secured, viewed only by your target audience

Kontiki Webcaster

The live video is turned into an interactive online live broadcast

5,000 Viewers Engaged

  • Kontiki

    Maximize Engagement

    Interactive features to get the viewer involved

  • Kontiki

    Audience Q&A

    The most compelling questions are sent to the CEO to answer

  • Kontiki

    Realtime Polls

    The team is able to gauge audience opinions through dynamic polls

Kontiki MediaCenter

For those that missed the live event, the experience is archived in the company video portal

15,000 Viewers Engaged


Kontiki Kontiki Kontiki

  • Kontiki

    Deliver At Scale

    Reach your audience wherever they are

  • Kontiki

    Kollective ECDN

    For internal viewers, maximize quality and reliability

  • Kontiki

    Edgecast CDN

    For external viewers, maximize speed and performance

Mission Accomplished

The Kontiki Enterprise Video Platfrom gives you all the tools you need to maximize engagement from “action” to “cut”

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