Enterprise Video Delivery

End-to-End Delivery Solution

We help some of the world’s most successful companies reach their entire global workforce through video at scale with our Kontiki Webcaster, Kontiki MediaCenter and Kollective SD ECDN delivery solution.

Kollective SD ECDN enables you to reliably stream high quality video to all employees at scale without impacting other critical network applications.

Best of all, it’s all on your existing network infrastructure.

Kollective SD ECDN

Kontiki's largest customers have successfully leveraged Kollective SD ECDN technology for over a decade.

The fast deployment, low cost, and security features make it an incredibly network friendly implementation for IT.

Kollective SD ECDN

Features & Benefits

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Deployed to all users in as little as one week


Reach 100% of your audience, regardless of location

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Stream high-quality video even when the network is overburdened

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Conduct a full-scale live video test in the background without impacting employees

Network Readiness Test

Preparing your enterprise network for the YouTube generation

Millennials are now the largest generation in the workforce. They have an enthusiastic appetite for video and prefer engaging with company videos over traditional communications.

Engage Millennials