About Kontiki

Kontiki is the leading provider of cloud based enterprise video apps. Through our end-to-end enterprise video platform, we’re making it easier millions of business subscribers to use live and on demand video to engage their employees.

At Kontiki, we measure our success by how successful our customers are and our team is always looking for opportunities to do whatever it takes to help our customers. We look forward to helping you be successful with your video goals!

Kontiki is now part of Kollective Technology Inc. We work together to create amazing enterprise video apps and solve the IT challenges associated with video.

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You’re in good company

  • “One of Kontiki’s strengths is their team spirit and quality of support at all levels. They are very responsive. We are not considered customers, but part of a big team.”

    Kontiki Genevieve Reymond, Nestle

  • “We delivered a live video event for 5,000 employees with no audio bridge and the experience was flawless.”

    Kontiki Jerry Bova, CenturyLink

  • “Within one week we were able to deliver live webcast events to every computer in the firm with no performance or bandwidth issues.”

    Kontiki Brad Pierce, Horne


Kontiki is now part of Kollective!

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